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Adding separate parse script

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import logging
from asn1tools import parse_files, ParseError
from pathlib import Path
from pprint import pprint
if __name__ == '__main__':
fileList = list(Path(".").rglob("*.asn1")) + list(Path(".").rglob("*.asn"))
if len(fileList) == 0:
logging.warning ("No files specified")
print ("ASN.1 Parser checks:")
print ("-----------------------------")"Parsing files...")
errorCount = 0
for f in fileList:
except ParseError as ex: (f" {f}: Failed - {ex!r}")
print (f" {f}: Failed - {ex!r}")
errorCount += 1
print (f" {f}: OK")
print ("-----------------------------")
print (f"Parse errors: {errorCount}")
print ("-----------------------------")
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