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Merge test script

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import os
import pprint
import requests
import json
print ("Hello world")
vars = os.environ
crCommitBranch = os.environ.get("CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME", "cr/TS33128/0163")
apiUrl = os.environ.get("CI_API_V4_URL", "")
projectId = os.environ.get("CI_PROJECT_ID", "13")
def gapi (query):
url = f"{apiUrl}/projects/{projectId}/{query}"
r = requests.get(url)
return json.loads(r.text)
print ("Searching for corresponding MR...")
mrs = gapi(f"merge_requests?source_branch={crCommitBranch}")
if len(mrs) == 0:
print ("No MR found... aborting")
if len(mrs) > 1:
print (f"{len(mrs)} MRs found, 1 expected - aborting")
mr = mrs[0]
print (f"Found MR {mr['reference']} ({mr['title']})")
print (f"Target branch is {mr['target_branch']}")
print ("Searching for open MRs targeting same branch...")
mrs = gapi(f"merge_requests?target_branch={mr['target_branch']}&state=opened")
print (f"{len(mrs)} MRs found")
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