Commit af10a684 authored by Carmine Rizzo's avatar Carmine Rizzo
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Merge branch 'correcting_mergetest' into 'main'

Correcting mergetest

See merge request li-trial!55
parents 8dabc8e7 88a4ad35
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......@@ -23,13 +23,15 @@ def do (commandline):
print ("Searching for corresponding MR...")
mrs = gapi(f"merge_requests?source_branch={crCommitBranch}")
mrs = gapi(f"merge_requests?source_branch={crCommitBranch}&state=opened")
if len(mrs) == 0:
print ("No MR found... aborting")
if len(mrs) > 1:
print (f"{len(mrs)} MRs found, 1 expected - aborting")
for m in mrs:
mr = mrs[0]
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